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Barber's Pole
+32 logo

Embracing the Challenge

When +32 Barbershop approached us, they faced an exciting yet significant challenge – reviving their brand essence and making a grand entrance into the world of modern men's grooming. With their upcoming new barbershop opening, they knew it was time to redefine themselves and set a new standard in the industry.

A Captivating Solution for a Timeless Legacy

Witness the renowned Belgian barbershop reborn with a fresh identity. Our team crafted a stunning new logo that embodies +32's soul. A storefront blending tradition and modern allure completes the masterpiece. Unveiling a legacy etched in time.

What we did


A Logo for Powerful First Impressions

+32 logo

Our Storefront Work

+32 storefront
+32 storefront

Results That Inspire

The outcome of our collaboration? Nothing short of remarkable. With our strategic brand transformation, +32 now stands tall as a symbol of style and excellence in the industry, drawing in a steady stream of new customers while retaining its loyal patrons thanks to out team's meticulous approach to redesigning their identity.

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